Every passing second a number of energies affect us in various ways. Neutrinos dash through our bodies, cosmic rays penetrate us, gravity conditions weighs in ourevery movement we perform. These represent only a few of them, since plenty more, known and unknown, exist. It is a fact that we all are aware of. For the needs of this article, I will call those energies : normal energies.

Science and ET's.

An alien encounter is certainly baffling, but it allows us to gather a good deal of information about their identity, some aspects of their presence on earth, and their lifestyle as well. Here is a series of observations I made following the various encounters I had with those people. First of all, the encounters I have only last a few moments, they take place quickly, as if they wanted to let me know they are there and nothing else. Whenever they get close, the flux of normal energies gets into a disruption that makes their presence dominating. They occupy the whole area. To what level of our normal energies the phenomenon occurs, I don't know, butlet me tell you that it is downright intrusive and disturbing. Their brains certainly process energies unknown to us ,or they deal with our known energies, among them the scalar energies, in a different way. But I realize that there is no danger whatsoever. I just feel really, but really impressed. This kind of disruption either announces their arrival, or sticks to them once they are in sight. So, once in a while, even now, I still freeze : 'Disruption around !They are here!' I anxiously look around and can identify a visitor, somebody I'm used to meeting now, or should I say seeing, because they vanish as soon as they can, in one way or another.They look like normal people ; the difference lies in the disruption they spread around.

Don't think we have a long conversation aiming at the world's destiny or something in that style. They don't talk to me, either vocally or by telepathy. The reason for it is quite simple. Would you explain the laws that govern the universe to your two-year old child ? I felt myself like a two-year old child in front of those superior beings, sensing the vast knowledge and experience they irradiate. That's why there was no nor there will be any conversation between us. Anyway, they would lose their time and I wouldn't understand anything. We take a child by the hand and we lead him so that he can avoid the daily obstacles. We teach him about everything, having in mind his best wellbeing.

That's exactly what they did with me. During the first encounter, they controlled my mind as they wished and I couldn't do anything to stop them, nor was I interested in doing so. You might conclude that they are dangerous people. Not at all. They are not interested in controlling for the sake of it. The relationship dominant-dominated doesn't exist in their minds, at least intentionnally. The control they had on my mind was aiming at a specific goal : they wanted the encounter to unfold peacefully, without fear or suspicion. After all, they knew they were dealing with a simple human. This may seem a bit disparaging for our condition, but, to my blatant difference, they opposed a deep respect , just like they would have done for you, reader. Therefore, the encounters have always been and still are smoothly going. However, I wouldn't say it's totally relaxing. Every time I wonder :'What are they looking for ?' They know, I don't. Analysing the events from a different angle, encompassing a more global approach, it appears that nature remains constant and logic in its way of acting. There were three of them the first time, and only one the second time. We can draw a number of conclusions from those two encounters. It shows that they live in a family cell, at least some of them, an that they are sexed. The father, the mother that I clearly saw and the teenager who was smaller than her parents. Just like us. Giving it a second thought, wouldn' t it be that we, humans, could be copies,obviously less advanced , of those people, in what they are and their way of acting ? I guess it would be more adequate to take the situation this other way around.

Let's examine the family cell : if the teenager was smaller than her parents, she will one day become the size of her parents. Therefore she has already been smaller, which leads us to the conclusion that they are born small babies, they grow up and become adults, like humans do. So,there is no disruption in the principles governing them and the ones governing us. Extending this concept,we can almost affirm they live the same lives as we do, except for their unmatched level of existence . . The basis is the same though, and this is probably embedded in the universal laws, I suppose.The second time the extra-terrestrial was alone. We too have solitary people. According to other witnesses, they were in groups, probably scientists or explorers, activities we often perform on earth.One point worth mentioning is the fact that they can handle matter and do whatever they want with it.The car they were riding was a creation of their powerful ingeniosity. Their way of changing their look instantaneously is the result of their control over matter. Mind you, this may have been virtual images they implanted directly in my mind. In both cases, we are dealing with highly advanced people. Even if they are conscious of their power over us, they respect our condition and they are interested in studying us, just like we do with gorillas and other exotic animals.