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By the way, I compare our existences to a tow
truck. Imagine a platform tow truck with a small
plane on it. The motor of the truck represents our spirit,
that animates us. The truck is our body.
The plane is our soul that sees everything under
and records the important moments. When ready,
we commute to the plane which will take us further.
The tired and oxyded truck is left behind while
the plane takes off in search of another truck.


We now have all the ingredients to draw the final conclusion.

Important moments, especially if they were actually a
shock, are recorded in this life. They accompany
us in our next reincarnation which happens sooner or
later, following a set of rules unknown to us.
The reincarnation of an individual then knows,
unconsciously, the place
where he(she)has been living.
During the daytime, his brain is more than busy processing
the daily information. But, when night comes,the
brain closes a good deal of its inputs. The unconscious can then be released, the spirit becomes active and goes back to visit his
former places, especially those where he recorded a schock.
He can see what is going on, who is present,
he can then materialize if he wishes so. This accounts for
any paranormal activity, ranging from noises,
physical contacts, frightening events, and the
apparitions, ghosts, ectoplasms etc... The spirit likely
wants us to know that it has been there before.
Now, why does he do that ? Nobody knows, but
maybe he wants to exorcise the place, just like
we do in our own life.

In conclusion, a ghost is a person who had a shock
in a former life and comes back to visit the place
where he had the shock.Now, why does the
phenomenon generally occur at night ?
Because the individual must be sleeping, so
that his spirit is liberated from his daily routine.
Darkness has nothing to do with it.. If some
apparitions occur during the day,
the persons causing them were probably
reborn in a different time zone.

Various reports tell us that they have recorded
paranormal activity for a number of years, and then,
everything stopped. Logical : the reincarnated person has
died ! So, we can now state that a place will be
haunted for a length of time only.
Also, for a particular ghost, there
won't be activity during daytime, if he
is active overnight and vice-versa. But exceptionnally,
it may happen day and night. All of us have
a nap sometimes in the afternoon, don't we ?

Spiritists claim they can communicate with spirits.
They are right, only if the person has recently died.
It seems that the soul takes a certain time to
leave : 40 days according to many. During
those 40 days, all kinds of manifestations may occur.
And then....silence. Everything stops.

An alleged communication with the beyond
is in fact a 3D communication, through a living spirit,
with a reincarnated body .


The bottom line ? A ghost is a projection of somebody's mind,
somebody living on earth, no matter the circumstances,
the ghost itself or other considerations.

©  Original concept
Author : Berthold Mathieu.
Corrector : Joffre Grondin.