Warning : a presence may be reading
the text too, behind your shoulder.

Happy reading.

All times and civilizations through the ages have reported
ghost activities. Ghosts seem to be an inherent part of
daily life. They are the spirits of the ancestors, evil spirits
wandering on earth,it's a lonely soul looking for a body,
it's the devil himself ! These represent a few of the
numerous explanations given by people, books and the
medias. And God, is it frightening !
Yes indeed, and I was frightened too !

Then I began working, thinking. None of the explanations
I've heard can give a sensible account for apparitions, ghosts, and the
like. In my opinion, there is no connection between our 3D world and the
other world. We cannot interact with the other world and
they cannot interact with ours either. For us, they remain a mystery,
for them so are we as well, even if they have
lived here in 3D.
Well, such ideas won't take me far, I'm just, on that
basis, making the mystery of ghosts thicker and thicker.

Is there a logical approach ? A ghost, an apparition,
weird sounds, footsteps in the stairs, a door closing by
itself, a chair rocking, are a few of the spine-chilling
activities associated with ghosts. There are others,
even more terrifying : ask anybody around
you, they might have had an experience.
But, ultimately, this paranormal activity takes place
in our 3D world. Now, there is no interaction between
the two worlds. People who think such a connection exists
make use, in fact, of their own unknown power of mind.
I must conclude that paranormal activities do not
emanate from spirits, but from 3D beings.
And the 3D beings are... US !
At this point of my reasoning, I felt I was
digging into nonsense, but, a few days later...

Let's pause here for a while.
Everything said or stated by specialists
will never be proven. Neither will my opinions. We both are
dealing with an unknown dimension of life. It seems to me
impossible to understand a non-3D world with a 3D mind.
That's why I think there can't be any link.
You are one or the other.
Therefore, I don't believe in those charlatans invoking a spirit
that, by chance, had nothing to do, those voodoo sorcerers,
the clone dolls they manipulate, ouija boards and other
alleged means of communication with spirits.

What then ? Then, I listened. I realized that everyone
speaks consciously, but, now and then, from the depths
of the mind, almost unconsciously, emerges a stunnning
statement that leaves you thinking for a while. Well, if
you analyse such a statement, you often discover a second
meaning. This meaning gives you leads to understand...
For one.
The second aspect of my search deals with everything
generally accepted as a fact among occultists
and scientists.
In the end, I found out a logical explanation for apparitions,
ghosts, and paranormal activity.
It took a while.

Here are some statements and facts.
- Do not fear the dead, fear the living !                
- About 5 to 10% of our mental capacities are in operation.
- Reincarnation exists for sure. Some people speak different
tongues, and when asked how they can do it, they send
us back to previous lives. Some tell us in details about
places they have never visited.
- Spontaneously, some say, joking : 'Well, that was in another life'. Joking ?
The soul, as we name it, is partly physical and encloses
the memories of important events from previous lives :
it must be so, because our soul relies on such
experiences to make progress.